Avoid using the browser’s back or forward buttons. To get back to the start page use the Cancel options in the top right hand corner or the bottom of the screen (this will remove any files already uploaded).

All items uploaded in one visit to the portal site go into a single ‘fileset’ in figshare, with the same Title, Description, Licence etc. Where files are closely related or linked to the same article we recommend grouping them in a fileset and briefly describing individual files in the Description.

To upload multiple filesets just run through the process again for each.

If you need to remove files before submitting use the trashcan icon on the right hand side of each relevant file. You can add extra files at any point by dragging and dropping or selecting the Browse option near the bottom of the page.

File type is selected automatically based on your upload, but can be changed if required.

Enter Authors one-by-one and press return after each. Existing account holders in figshare show up as prompts.

If submitting to Research Data Support your descriptive information will be reviewed and enhanced but add as much detail as possible at this stage to aid the process.

Once you have completed all relevant metadata, review the figshare terms and conditions and press submit. 

If you want to link your data to a manuscript that have been submitted to Springer Nature/BioMed Central but is not yet published, enter the Manuscript Number from Editorial Manager (see the below gif on where this is located in Editorial Manager).


To link to an article that is already published, enter its DOI (accessible via the article web page).

If you do not reach the confirmation page or have any other issues with submitting, contact researchdata@springernature.com and explain your issue.

After submitting your data you will be contacted within two days by the Research Data Support staff, who will return the link to your data in figshare and begin the process of curating your data, enhancing metadata and, where applicable, linking to your manuscript or article.

Your data will remain private in the figshare repository until a date that you have agreed to have them published.

Any other queries or feedback on the submission process please contact researchdata@springernature.com