Enhance review workflow

As part of our review process, we would like to add "Supervisors" whereby they can approve the datasets that the students submitted are correct. 

The following suggestions can help us a great deal in ensuring the system functions seamlessly.

1. We assign the “fellow role” to our supervisors in order for them to confirm/approve that the uploaded datasets are correct(uploaded by students). But when we send the datasets to the fellows they do not get an email notification.

2. Can improvements be made to the system so that fellows can receive a notification without us informing them outside the system via email?

3. Can the improvements include new action buttons where the “Fellow” can simply “Approve/Decline” the datasets with an option to write a reason for Declining the datasets?

4. After the “Fellow” approves the datasets can the system send the datasets back/redirect) datasets back to the review with a notification sent to the reviewers?

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Thanks for this. We're looking at range of improvements to this area in the next 12-18 months and I will take this into account when I get there.


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