Removing ability of depositor to edit items while under curation review

We recently learned that item depositors can continue to edit metadata, add files etc. after they submit their items for curation review. This is problematic for provenance tracking after item ingest into our archival processes...a depositor can change properties of the item without our being aware. And it's possible that a depositor changes the item in such a way that its publication violates law or ethics.

This depositor capability to edit items after curation review should be removed. They should only be able to edit their item again after we push the buttons to decline its publication.

-Jonathan Petters

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Thanks, Jonathan. We will look at this when get to our Review module overhaul

Thanks for looking at it Chris!

Is there a rough timeframe as to when the Review Module will be looked at? Weeks from now? Months from now? 2023?


Hi Jon,

I can tell you the order, which is edit item, /submit page, my data, projects, collections, review. Depending on how many feature requests we do for each of those areas, it will be between months and 2023. The trouble with this feature is its impacts to other areas. We need to accommodate changes for it in API, my data, edit, review area, widgets and /submit, so it's too big to be done quickly.


Thanks Chris...sounds like we'll need revamp our curation workflows to work around this unexpected feature for the near/mid-term!


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