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Creative comms licence

Hi there

I am looking for an option to add a creative commons licence that is specific, can we do this?

Hi there,

What license are you after?


(CC BY-NC-SA4.0) - this one :) 

Gotcha. Thanks. We don't support these types of licences on free figshare, on via our institutional products. 

How much is that version?

It's not available on a per user level. What institution are you from? They may have one and you don't know

We are not an institution a company rather - they definitely don't have one yet. We have checked. Do we have an estimate I can go back to our client with?

Would we be able to get a call in?

Hi Samantha, 

Best to give dan at figshare dot com a message and he can organise a call to discuss available options. 


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