Apply Embargo & Restricted Access on a Group Project


It would be good if it was possible to be able to embargo / restrict access to certain users for Group Projects (exactly like you can do on an item level). So then a Group Project could be published, but only viewable to those in a certain user group (i.e., behind Oxford University SSO).

A further / current example use case is that we have a research project that has 100s of restricted items, all stored in different Group Projects (by country) and it would be great to be able to update the description of the Group Project for each country, however, some of the details we'd like to write in the description would not be for public consumption (hence wanting to keep behind SSO). 

Thanks, Damon.

Hi Damon, 

This is a fairly tricky request and not something we've had before. I'm not saying no, but there's a lot of restricted publishing work I'd prioritise above this like bringing restricted to private links, domain and token based access, improve file access process etc. I'll mark as deferred, anyone else is welcome to jump in 

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response. We have a workaround for the time being for our current use case example...

Hopefully, it will be rolled into future improvements over the coming years, as I'm sure it may be a useful feature (albeit with clearly no demand at present if I'm the first to mention!).

Cheers, Damon.

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