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user name change not reflected in browsable/searchable datasets

This could be a bug, but it's a minor one if it is...

I changed a user's name in their /account/profile page. This name change was reflected in the figshare item landing page for their published items. However, this name change was not reflected in their items while viewed from the browse and search interfaces.

It would be best for a user's name change to be reflected in all parts of the figshare system.


-Jon Petters, Virginia Tech

Hi Jon,

We're very much aware of this, and can sort this manually if you'd like. Send a message to support. It's not really fixable at the moment, but we're halfway through a search replatforming which will fix this by default. Anticipated delivery on this is Feb 2022


Thanks for the reply Chris...if our particular user (use case) asks for this change for their account/items I'll put in a support ticket. Otherwise I think this can wait until y'all switch search platforms!


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