Media player - where is it and how to use it?


I read in your community page that you have an embedded media player. But can't find any instructions on how to find that, or use it. 

Where can I find the code? 

And can I put that code into a word document/pdf to play media? 

And how do I direct the player to the media I want to play (audio) which I would upload to Figshare?

Thank you in advance

Hi Gretchen,

If you go to

then go to embed. You'll see the iframe code for embedding this into external sources. Iframe is the only embed option available to end users. Each iframe code is unique to the object, so will display that content only. 



I'm sorry, that doesn't really answer my question, can we take it back a level as I'm not experienced with coding.  

Are you saying that each piece of media uploaded will have its own piece of iframe coding?
And if I copy and paste that code will it 'look like' a neat player in a word document, for example? I just tried copy/pasting that code into a document and it still looked like code rather than a player. 

Thank you, 



so I think you mean that each uploaded piece of audio will have its own iframe. 

How do I then make that look like a media player in a word doc, or a pdf? When I copy/paste it it just looks like code. 

thank you,


That's right. Each embed code is unique to that figshare item. 

So the iframe can be used in word to create a player? Or is it only useful on a webpage... 


I don't really know. That link i shared suggests it can, but I don't know. 

I guess I just don't know what to do with that code once I have it. How to make it create a player if I 'do the right thing' with it. 
What I want is for the audio to be stored on Figshare, and for my readers to play within the document and hear that audio, without leaving the pdf/word document. 

Many thanks,

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