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Limit on number of files in fileset

I have a large number (>100k) time series as compressed csv files. I would like to allow users to download each file individually (programmatically) or download all. 

I tried to upload all the files to a single fileset, but found a limit of 501 files per fileset. Is this a hard limit, or can it be extended?

If it is a limit, does anyone have a suggestion for allowing programatic access to individual files rather than requiring the user to download the whole zip file and pull out a file locally.

Hi Zachary,

To be clear, do you have 100k files you'd like to share?

Hi Christopher, 

Yes. I have ~100k files I would like to share. Each file is pretty small, ~300 KB. 




Sorry for dropping off on this, I took a long period of leave. I spoke with the infrastructure team, and whilst it's not a hard limit, we couldn't raise it anywhere close to what you are asking. I don't really have a good solution for you short of zipping stuff as you suggest. 


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