Figshare Logo on smartphone homescreen with ZivaHUB spelt incorrectly as ZivaGUB

Hi, I am a ZivaHUB user and my ZivaHUB account is linked to Figshare.

I accessed ZivaHUB yesterday via my smartphone and I was asked if I would like to save ZivaHUB to my smartphone homescreen.

I accepted. What appeared on my homescreen is the Figshare logo and ZivaGUB (note the incorrect spelling as ZivaGUB).

See image I have atatched.

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Hi Leonard, 

That is not an actual app, it is just a C h r o m e shortcut for the page. When creating such shortcuts you are asked to provide the name. 

Here's one I've just added to my homescreen:


Best regards, 


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