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Support for more CC license types for type "book"

When uploading a file with the type "book", I would like the option to choose more Creative Commons options than just CC-BY. As noted in the literature, book authors tend to default to CC-BY-NC-ND or CC-BY-NC when sharing their work, partly because of the culture of humanities disciplines which are still the major producers of books but also because A LOT of work goes into producing long-form scholarship and they are eager for the whole work to be kept integrated (thus ND) and for others not to profit from all this effort without asking permission (thus NC). Could FigShare expand the range of CC licenses available for type "book"?

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Hi Charles,

We do offer a host of license options to users of figshare for institutions but we believe all content on should be open and reusable with constraint. I really do understand and empathise with your point, so if you don't have access to a figshare for institutions instance then I believe Zenodo offers CC-BY-NC? Worth a look.


All content on figshare should be open and reusable with constraint.

geometry dash

I too need a CC-BY-NC-ND license for my books in order to upload them to Figshare.

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