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An academic colleague has suggested that a useful feature for Figshare would be a standalone media player, or app, to preview and play audio/video content. I appreciate there would be complexities in implementing this, but it would provide additional convenience and accessibility for such files, particularly on mobile devices and tablets. 


Bill Ayres

Hi Bill,

You can embed our media player where you like and it should work well on mobile. What specific use case do you have for this which is not addressed by the embed?


Thanks for getting back so quickly, Chris. The use here is one which also relates to making musical/video outputs downloadable. The example would be: in this instance, the researcher is a composer and musician. He would like to create a collection of recordings which include things like demos, and have them as playable media, but not obviously available for download. I don't think that the download feature can be disabled for published items (correct me if I'm wrong though), so having a player would be a way to promote such outputs without flagging their downloadability.(There's obviously some consideration in this area around what licence to use as well, and the balance with open access as an ethos - it seemed an interesting query to me though)


I understand. Thanks for the clear explanation. I can't see a situation any time in the future where we would allow outputs to be visualised and accessible to all but not downloadable. We're doing a lot of work this year on publishing to restricted levels of availability but this is a very specific scenario that as you rightly point out, would also make licensing very tricky. 

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