Re-direct page for Single Sign On rejects

Currently, if a user is rejected via Single Sign On because they're not on our approved Figshare Users list, they get a generic message.  Would it be possible to have a specific message for this situation in order to differentiate between this and a system error.  Ideally this would have wording customized by the institution, eg. 'You are currently not authorised to use [name of institutional Figshare instance].  If you are a member of [institution name] staff and think you should have access, please contact [email address].

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Hi Mandy,

Great idea. It's not possible without custom work however, so it's one of those things that we will do at some point.


I would like to support this idea. It should save Figshare time as well.

James (UCL)

It would be really useful to be able to display a custom message.

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