It it possible to influence the system's choice of the thumbnail that is visible on the portal?

One of our researchers uploaded a fileset in 'My Data'. It contains 4 items: a kind of introduction and 3  other items that are numbered N1, N2 and N3. These items are uploaded and visible in 'My Data' in the right order

Once published on our Stage portal, the fileset is accompanied by a thumbnail of item N3.

However, our researcher prefers a thumbnail of the first item (=introduction) to be shown.

So he uploaded this fileset again and tries to influence the system's choice of a thumbnail, but unfortunately the system seems to make a random choice. 

This time another thumbnail of item N2 is visible on the portal.

Question: is their a way to influence the system's choice of a thumbnail? The system's random (?) choice is not always the most preferred one. 

Hi Lilian, 

2 aspects to this.

1) We have custom thumbnails in our roadmap which would solve this, but obviously doesn't help right now. 

2) There is a logic to the ordering, and that is the order in which the visualisation complete. So uploading one file and waiting for it's visualisation to finish and display should sort it for now


Hi, Back in October 2019, we had an issue with a video thumbnail being blank, and the way this was resolved was for the figshare support team to manually select the appropriate thumbnail. At the time we were told that you were working on implementing user-uploaded thumbnails for video files. Has this feature been implemented, or should I contact helpdesk to have the thumbnail corrected. 

Hi Susan,

Not yet, sorry. Please go to the support team. It's high on the priority list.


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