Customise citation info

On the page for a published document there are currently some buttons to download the citation data for the given document, which is filled in automatically by figshare. Unfortunately this automatic data is sometimes incorrect, or missing essential details. Could we get a tool to modify this citation data, including changing existing data, and adding new fields?

We're adding some new dates (publication date, online publication date) etc will be available soon and editable which will impact the citation area. Can you provide any more specifics on what you may like to see?

I believe this implemented now with the many improvements we have done to this area. 

How can I edit citation info, please? I can't find it.

Hi Pedro,

What specifically are you trying to do? We only offer citation customisation to our figshare for institutions users

I have the same issue with Pedro, but I want to change the "figshare" into the journal where it was originally published in the citation. Is this possible?

For figshare for institutions, we can customise the citation to change figshare to the name of the institution or group, but not where it was originally published. 

Okay that's nice to hear however my previous institution does not have a repository here yet. On the other hand, do they get to decide what name or text (i.e. the journal name of the school itself) to replace the "figshare" text in the citations? Thank you very much


Yes, that's right. It's as you have described.


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