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Is it possible to organise figshare author profiles to display as a browseable group of headshots as an alternative to the browse page for a group's content.  Monash has had an expression of interest from one of our faculties to encourage its graduate research students to sign up on mass to monash.figshare and it was desired that there is an ability to browse the profiles of the group's members to help showcase the work of the grad students in place.

Is this possible with the current architecture?  Can we deliver it soon?

Thanks, Andrew.

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I'd really like to see this idea implemented as it will give some impetus to creating improved user profiles and get students familiar with good practice and what is involved in managing their digital identity and presence.



Hi both, 

Great idea. The only way I can think to do something with this immediately would be to use a project, like this:

This gives you a member list on the right. If it's lots of members however, this wouldn't work great. It's something I can definitely look at longer term (we're doing a bunch on search in January this could fit into) but not something at the moment


I understand this is not a good fit, thanks for the feedback. 

I have one further question, we don't make profiles public until the publish something. I assuming for this, you'd want the opposite. Would you have any issues then with public profiles with no published data? Should this be an institutional configurable option?


Hi Chris,

The biggest problem here is that the completion of the profile is voluntary and so many important facts are not available. It's a real problem when it comes to disambiguation and the name has no other information provided to help. I'd really like some different workflows to drive profile creation first as this will assist in two key areas.



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