question about versioning

 I have a general question about how to reference different versions of an item in figshare properly:

As I understand, the DOI of an item always points to its most recent version, while the DOIs for older versions get a modified suffix (.v1 etc.) when a newer version is created.

Now I'm thinking about the following situation:

- an item is published in its original version

- someone cites this item with the original DOI in a paper

- some time later, a new version of this item is created

- now the DOI in the citation does not link to the original version anymore

- then it is not clear, which version was used in the paper

Does anyone have an idea how to do this citation properly, so readers of the paper will always understand exactly, which version was used? Should we recommend to indicate the date and time in a citation?

Hi Falco,

You are right in thinking the base DOI always point to the latest version, but version our DOIs from the get-go, e.g.:

The DOI citation for this item is:

The DOI in the citation is

Even though there is only one version.

Does this answer your question?


yes, thanks
I can see that the case that I described is on our sandbox only (with dummy DOIs)


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