Support previews of .swf files

Operating system and browser incompatibility issues are making it increasingly difficult to play Adobe Animate swf files.  As a result this powerful animation program is becoming increasingly passé. A file sharing site like figshare poses a powerful opportunity for reversing this trend.  However for it to fulfill its potential it must be user friendly.  Because swf preview is not currently supported, when a user clicks a link to an swf they get a message that it's not supported.  If they drill down they can figure out how to download the file, but  hurdles like this always discourage use.  If figshare could start supporting swf previews it would be a tremendous contribution to the educational and scientific communities.     

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Initial investigations on this were not promising. I will need to find a significant amount of research time for the team to look at whether this is possible. We have around 5 viewers in the queue we are working on and I will block some investigations after that

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