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Submitted on behalf of Nick Hall, ADAPT:

I would also like to pass on a request / query to you. As you know, our project's key output is high definition video content. I've noticed that the thumbnail image generated for video files is extremely small and compressed in a very ugly fashion. (I've attached a thumb from one of our videos as an example - figshare_thumb.png, from

This significantly reduces the visual attractiveness of the embedded media player, because the image looks so awful when scaled up at all.

So I wonder whether you and your colleagues might consider increasing the size and or quality of the thumbnail image for video content? I feel it really ought to be possible to get a better thumbnail without significant extra processing or bandwidth. For example, the thumbnail I've mentioned above is a 26kb PNG of 250x140px. Whereas I managed to generate an 80% compressed JPEG, twice the size in pixel terms, at only 19kb of disk space. (I've attached that too, figshare_thumb_jpg500.jpg) 


Of course in an ideal world the thumbnail image for videos would approach equal size and definition to the video itself - as on YouTube and Vimeo!


So I wonder whether you and/or the Figshare developers might consider this suggestion, to help make our content sparkle when visitors view our website and embed the content in their own pages?

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Custom thumbnails are currently in plan for 2019

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