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Add "admin" button/link to all records to make them editable


Could you please add an "admin" link at the bottom of every record page?

If an admin is browsing a record and notices an error that can be fixed quickly (a typo, adding a DOI, etc.), it seems that the only way to do this is to go into the menu, impersonate the depositor, scroll through their deposits, and then make the change.

It would be ideal if, as long as the admin is logged in, we could have single-click access to edit records. I know this feature exists in EPrints, for instance.



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Actually, I've realized that this belongs in "Figshare for Institutions". Is there a way to transfer it over there, or should I create a new topic? Sorry for the mix-up!


I've started a new topic in "Figshare for Institutions".


Marked as not taken only because of the request on the other forum. 

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