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Feature request from Egon Willighagen:

Yes, I do have feature request, domain specific. For my field of research (biology, oriented at metabolism pathways) it would be really cool to have support for GPML files (this is a XML-based format for storing biological pathways, which we use in WikiPathways) and chemical SD files (basically, a list of 2D diagram representations ("chemical graphs")).

Both can be visualized on the web. For the GPML there is a "pvjs" JavaScript library, which is actually how we nowadays visualize pathways on WikiPathways, and also allows people to embed pathways in webpages in general. This one is cool, but does not have as much impact as the SD files: after all, people can and should upload the GPML to WikiPathways, of course :)

The SD files may have a huge impact. This is the most common format used in chemistry to share chemical structures, and frequently used in supplementary information (can I search on files with a certain extension, e.g. .sdf?) and some examples are: (my own data set) (seems zipped, may be too hard)

Showing the top 10 compounds as 2D diagrams, like the top X rows of other content would be really cool.

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We're always on the lookout for new viewers, although our pipeline is currently quite full. We'll add this on to our list. 


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