Dear Figshare Support Team I would like to ask about "add publication" which is under Edit Profile. There's an option to add publication link but i have tried to add the links. When i preview, the link are not active or clickable. Is it perhaps possible to make links clickable as this becomes part of research visibility, metrics and access to research. See illustration in the attached file. I have tried to attach the file and it does not respond. Regards Veli

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Thanks for the message. We're currently looking at improving our text editor which also includes this area, so links will be supported. 

Chris George

Product Manager 

I agree. Making the links clickable would be a useful and important feature for gaining exposure.

We would like to support including hyperlinks or DOIs in the publication area of the profile. It is especially useful for linking to publications that are not available in our Figshare instance and we are not keen to publish metadata only records.


Zoe Wong

Yes, the ability to add hyperlinks to this field would increase the usefulness of the profiles.




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