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I'm trying to post a fileset of metadata and there are different types of data so I would like to create folders for each type.  Is there a way to accomplish this. 

I'd prefer to post one fileset than multiple sets e.g one for each type of data so that we can reference one DOI and have one description that explains how the types are connected without cross-referencing.  


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We're just starting to socialise figshare at our institution, but already out of maybe a dozen uploads, at least two would have massively benefitted from this feature. Otherwise we have to decide at what level of the folder structure to zip the folders, and will users really want to download a zip file of that size vs do we really want to zip and manually upload hundreds of folders with limited structure to put them into.

So it would be really good to hear an update about when/how this is planned.

Adding that I have run into multiple use cases recently where users have requested a folder feature to support file hierarchy within files in an item beyond just uploading zip files and this appears to be an ongoing community request.

We have many cases at our institution where this feature would be very valuable. We also have been zipping files as well as adding many files to one record with no structure. We would prefer to be able to maintain the file structure as this helps users determine which file they need.  

Thanks for the update Chris. I assumed it would be a pretty big change on the bac kend. Here's an example of one type of submission we're receiving that could benefit from internal folders. So far our two uses cases involve the need to sort data files according to the figures that they correspond to. Zipping the files works, but isn't ideal, since you cannot preview files if they are zipped.

Hi Megan, 

No updates apart from that we've been collecting feature requests as part of our IR work and building these into our early design sketches. It's a really complicated piece, something that will take months for us to do, and I'll be providing updates as soon as I have them


Any updates on this feature? I'm working with material scientists that would really benefit from this feature. 

Hi Dustin, 

Thanks for the feature request. Completely agree here and we're already looking at how to achieve this. It's a substantial change for us and won't be something that happens quickly but it's already in progress. 

Chris George

Product Manager

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