Enhanced usage statistics

Existing Figshare stats tell me that my public data has received 1754 item views, 348 item downloads, and 0 citations.

I would like to be able to discover more detailed statistics, such as:

  • Week by week, or month by month figures for my data (not just cumulative total)
  • The referring URL, i.e. where the users have come from, maybe a link in an email, from an ORCID blog post, or a web search.
  • The home country of my users (usually estimated from their IP address)
Please consider enhancing Figshare's reporting capability to allow me and other users access to more detailed information such as the examples above, which is essential in building more detailed and more useful usage statistics.

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We have also had requests at Loughborough from academics who would like more granular detail about where and when their data is being viewed, downloaded etc.

I share the same problem of Laura. I have nearly 1300+ views and ~200 downloads. No citations recorded. 

Have you heard from Figshare?

@Sayeed Not yet... I imagine that any response from Figshare will be posted here so everyone can see it


Hi all, 

2 aspects to this, personal stats and citations. 

We are looking at introducing something similar to for individual users but there's a lot of challenges for us to overcome before we can move forward with it. It's on the agenda, but not in the short term development roadmap. 

We do have some advances in citations that will hopefully be coming in Q1 which will allow click throughs of displayed citations to dig deeper into the origin of them. 



I'm brushing the dust of this one: Several of our researchers want to recieve statistical repports on their published data. Could this be kooked into?



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