Default "Please select a licence" and custom licensing text

When uploading a deposit, the "CC-BY 4.0" licence is selected by default and is an optional field. This can very easily lead to a depositor inadvertently making her dataset CC-BY without understanding the implications. Could this be changed to "Please select a licence" and then made a required field, so that the depositor is actively forced to choose the correct licence?

In support of this, could the link from "What's this?" lead to a custom (institution-based) licensing guidance page rather than the standard Figshare page?

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Hi Jen, 

Good feedback, thanks. Due to a recent feature release, I believe we can do this for you. 

We're not able to do custom links yet on standard figshare fields, but we aiming for this next year. 

I'll convert this to a ticket and will be processed as soon as possible


Does "implemented" mean it will be in the next release? If so, that's great, thanks!


it should be, yes. It's in QA at the moment, just waiting to see how it looks

Fabulous, looking forward to seeing it in action!


Hi Jen, 

This did not pass QA in time, meaning it will be in the January release. Apologies for that. In the mean time, do you know if this should apply to the whole institution or just one particular group?


This should apply to the whole institution please.


Thanks. We're now in the process of implementing this. The default setting will be "Select". The one thing we can't do is link to a custom page. We'll implement this at a later date as this was far more difficult with our current infrastructure and will be done when we upgrade it. 


Hi Jen, 

I'm Eduard, Integrations Engineer at Figshare. Please note that we've set this configuration up and running a few minutes ago. Therefore, everything should be in place now.

Drop us a line if anything else is needed.



Thanks for sorting this out!

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