Programatically access md5s?


I have a dataset on Figshare that I want users of a software library to be able to download automatically.

It would be great if I could get the md5 for each file so that when the library automatically downloads the files for users, it can also check whether the download was successful. Obviously it would be bad if the data was corrupted leading to different results for some users.

I know the md5 shows up on the public repo, but it is not great clicking on each md5 and then copying and pasting it into a text file.

I am able to programatically get all of my filenames and their download urls (using this Python library: But as far as I can tell the figshare API does not provide a way to get the md5 (regardless of what code I use to interact with it). It's not in the info I get back when I query my own article on the site, at least.

Is there a way this can be added to the info that's returned for articles when querying through the API?

Thank you!

Hi David, 

This is not possible at present but no reason why it can't be. I'll get this planned in. 


Great! Thank you


Hi David, 

This should be implemented now. Let me know how you get on


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