User feedback when making changes to an existing record

I created a record, saved it, and had it approved. I've gone back in to revise a few fields then checked "Publish changes", then clicked "Save changes." It doesn't look like anything happens - the screen remains the same. Would it be possible to create an on-screen message to the user, similar to when a new record is created, to let them know that the changes need to be reviewed before showing up on the site?

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Also adding this feedback - 

I've published a record for a dataset.

Later, went back into the record to make changes.

Publish the article to send it to curation.

Want to close the record.



Right now, it pops me back on the same window - the edit window for the record. The only way I can see to close the edit window is to click cancel, which makes it unclear to the user whether it will stop the curation process or just close the window.



We will take this feature request into account when we tackle edit item as part of the private side accessibility project. This is the first area in the queue for early 2021

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