Videos + CT scans

I work to a large degree with CT scan and video data and in looking at the figshare site, I had some ideas for things that would make the service more user friendly for people working in my field:

- for video files, it would be useful to be able to set the still image that represents the video (e.g. as a particular frame from the video). We just uploaded a video as part of a publication and the click-able link to the video shows up as a black square (the video's first frame), which surely won't be particularly inviting for users browsing the huge amounts of content on the site.

- it would be useful to have CT scan data (image stacks) be searchable/filterable as a particular data "item type".  For example, searching for "skeleton CT scan", a large number of items come up and it's nearly impossible to tell from the search results are actual CT scan data stacks.  Some appear to be filed under "media", some under "file set", some under "dataset", etc.  

- Also, perhaps there needs to be more standardization for the formatting of uploaded CT data (some of this is a problem on the side of the people uploading their data). Most CT datasets I find on figshare have all the files together in a massive list which, since CT image stacks typically contain thousands of images (see attached pic), makes it difficult to flexibly interact with the data (e.g. to scroll through to look for a particular log file, etc). More useful, in my opinion, would be to have the main landing page contain the general info about the scan (e.g. an overview rendering and/or slice from the dataset, a list of scan parameters, etc.), with all images in the stack binned into a separate folder for easy bulk downloading. The layout on Open Science Framework in this regard perhaps makes it easier to interact with such data (e.g., but is still a bit clunky.  Perhaps other users will have some ideas on how to improve this on figshare...


Hi Mason, 

Some great ideas here! 

1) This is already planned and will hopefully be live by the end of the year. 

2) This is interesting. We probably wouldn't be able to have CT scan as an item type. There are other opportunities in this area, however. If there was community interest, we would open to the discussion of having a dedicated CT scan space. On a lower level, we have things like collections and projects that may also work. 

3) Again, great thoughts. I feel our collection model may be helpful here, but we're currently working on a file system within figshare that may offer more value. 

If you'd like a video chat about any of this, let me know. Always happy

Chris George
Product manager

Fantastic, thanks!

Hello, is there any update on this feature, specifically 'set the still image'



Hi Mason, 

This has been delayed due to more pressing development commitments, but is still planned for development and will hopefully be in place for Q1. 


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