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Article states "You’ll then be returned to figshare where all public repositories in your GitHub account will be available to import." However, I'm trying to import a public repo from an organization I own, and it doesn't appear on the list. The org is set up to allow access (I double-checked via the github site). Please include instructions for how to link to organization repos. Thanks!

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Hi Julie, 

Thanks for this request. At present, this is not something our integration allows. It's a great feature request, and we plan on improving the whole integration early next year and we'll take this into account for that planning. 

Chris George 

Product Manager

Hi there, is there any progress on this? A lot (possibly most?) of our researchers use GitHub organisations for their work and I suspect we're losing a lot of stuff to Zenodo at the moment because this is the only way they can get a DOI for these repos.



Hi Jez, 

No progress unfortunately. This is not a quick fix and we have to redo the git integration anyway with the launch of custom domains so it makes sense to plan them together. Development has already started on this project but I can't imagine it materialising for a fair few months yet


Yep - a crucial feature if you want to support github. Most of the big important projects are done in organisations rather than individual accounts...

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