Improve formatting of the description field

Right now the description field seems to have a WYSIWYG editor, with buttons for bold italics, underline, subscript, and superscript. Several important formatting options are missing such as headers, hyperlinks, lists, and code formatting (basically everything supported by GitHub markdown). However, if you paste in rich text all the formatting is retained in the WYSIWYG editor. This includes fonts and colors -- which the author should not have access to. When you save, some but not all of the rich formatting is removed.

The result is twofold: frustration and poor formatting of descriptions. I personally would like to write my descriptions in markdown. That way there's no ambiguity over what formatting will be preserved.

So I guess my request is threefold:

  1. Have the WYSIWYG editor strip all formatting that won't save
  2. Add important formatting options to the WYSIWYG editor, hyperlinks being the most important one.
  3. Support a markdown mode where I can write markdown rather than rich text

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Hi Daniel, 

Great request, thanks. This is certainly something on our radar, and good to know it would have value to community. 

Chris George

Product Manager


Markdown gets my vote.  Not just in the description field, but other fields too...would be good to use a hyperlink in a url field.


University of Sussex

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