Dropbox integration

Allow me to upload files directly from my cloud-based dropbox

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And other cloud storage providers (, google drive etc)


Hi Jason, 

Yes, all of the above are on the list. 


Hi Chris, any ETA's on these? We have Box Change Management activities taking place across the University now and we would like to try and capitalise on this. Some of the questions we are already getting are: how does figshare and box work together? How can these two products working together remove double handling/ reduce my admin? Any advice would be most helpful.

Hi Jess, 

We have looked at trying to integrate this in our current setup and it's technically not practical. We are in the process of revamping the entire platform and multiple cloud based storage providers (including box and dropbox) will be included by default from the start.  

I don't have any ETAs at the moment as we are still in exploration and prototyping stage. I hope to have a shareable clickable prototype within the next couple of months that we will be engaging as many stakeholders as we can for feedback. 

The idea for box would be an integration at a file and folder level that you could import wholesale into a figshare item, which if you don't have your cloud drives backed up locally (which is increasingly the case) will significantly reduce admin to the end user.


Thanks Chris. We would be keen to be involved in the Box testing aspects. We look forward to hearing more soon.

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